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ETS2, LS19 und LS22 Mods


ETS2, LS19 und LS22 Mods

Western Dakota Mining Map


Western Dakota Mining Map V1.0.0.0

Mod für den Landwirschafts Simulator 22

Are you involved in mining or public works? This is me, why I created this card.

Yes, you can still do farming by creating your own fields, but the focus is on mining and public works.

Two abandoned towns are visible on the map. It is rather a village which experienced a landslide. The rubble can be cleared and all buildings destroyed. The second city is a little more spacious. It has a sewer system that you can access (the last photo shows a clear view of the sewer, in the game it is covered in asphalt). There are several holes in the sewers, some need to be dug, some don’t. All buildings in town except the main gas station can be demolished. However, the gas station is in need of repairs and has trenches underneath that can be dug to allow the fuel lines and tanks to be restored. There are also a few other places on the outskirts of town where there are trenches that can be dug and used for the basement of a house or the foundation of a building or something.

On the hill above the town is a small housing estate which was never completed. Houses can be cut down with a chainsaw or other tool used for felling trees. A tree stump grinder can destroy the foundations of homes.

There are several mines. Some are open pit mines that contain a lot of life. Some are underground mines that must be dug. One of them is an underground mine with mountains of coal. And there is an underground bunker that can also be dug. Then there is a huge mine just outside of town from which materials can be transported and also mined. Or you can just knock down all the rocks and have a clear field. There’s also a marble mine, because why not?

My overall idea for the urban area now was to be able to raze it and build a new city. That’s why almost everything in the city except the gas station can be demolished. Roads, sewers, ditches, the concrete slab that old vehicles and buildings sit on, all can be destroyed (I highly recommend destroying everything on the concrete slab before destroying it, otherwise things will float in the water). Air). The entire area can be razed and a new city can be built.

There is also a mud in the hills near the town. I thought it would be fun. Two final thoughts: Most of the stones on the map can be destroyed. And there aren’t a lot of trees, but there is a wooded area if you want to go through there. The map may have a little more, but that’s it.

Before I forget, there is also more snowfall on this map because the winter is longer since it is in the Dakotas. It’s also a little colder and it’s raining more.

Now I must give credit where credit is due.

The base of the map was initially Elk Mountain from Elk Mountain Modding. This is the base I will use for all future cards. The reason is that I adapted XML and similar to my needs. I’m no longer claiming this is a modification of this map, as the map has been completely transformed into something new. Yes, there are still remnants of his map, but the map is something completely new. The environment has completely changed, rivers and lakes have been modified. The geography is very different and the backend is incredibly different. But this map wouldn’t be the same without Elk Mountain, so it deserves a lot of credit.

Squigglels should be mentioned here. Sewers, many buildings, some coding, etc. were taken from their maps. Home and its edition of Elk Creek were very helpful here. I also created this map knowing that some of its mods would come into play. Without Squigglels, this map would be something completely different. The work they do had a direct influence on the work I did on this map.

AlBork’s PW should also be mentioned. Check out his YouTube, there’s some awesome stuff there. Some buildings and trenches come from their maps. I also took a lot of inspiration from what they do.

The poor guy who made the map of Mason County deserves a big thank you here. Some of their productions from this Mason County map have been implemented into my map. You can get them under the factory tab. What I wanted most was the caravan production which produced junk cars and which is now, with some changes, peacefully on my map.
PapaSmurf modding should also be mentioned. The large mine on the left side of the map has been removed from the Mining Extreme map. It’s a little different on my card, but after seeing it I knew I had to have it, which sparked many of the changes I made to this card.

I’m sure there are some mentions I’m missing. To put this map together, I went through dozens of maps.

After all, there are errors with this card. None of these affect gameplay. Some are leftover pieces of code that aren’t in the map. These are mainly items that I have implemented for a future map, but are not implemented in the current map. This has no effect. Some errors involve items that are too large for the console. This is good because it’s not a console card. None of the bugs affect gameplay and, like I said, many are just leftovers. The card works well.

I will be releasing a save game for this map that will add vehicles, marble blocks in the marble mine, dynamic stones, and a variety of vehicles and production points. This is exactly how I started the game and what my vision for this game was. There will be a number of vehicles, conversions and changes that will accompany this gameplay.

Finally, for this card to work you will need MudSystems and the Plantinum expansion. The Plantinum extension allows you to demolish objects.

Using MudSystems, I added very little mud to the map. There is a mud in the hills. But I also added brushes to paint on the fields that turn to mud when it rains. So if you want a dirt road that gets muddy, you can paint it.

And yes, it’s a big file. For what? Because this card has a lot to offer. There are additional productions. Trees have been added. There are additional brushes. There’s a lot going on in this card. But even though there are a lot of things behind it, it still works smoothly. Have fun discovering what’s out there.


Western Dakota Mining


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